These are a few of the wonderful comments about George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band from our fans sent us

This year’s show was even better than last year!  Absolutely loved the black leather….shake it baby shake it!  They say the mark of a success is when the audience screams at you to take it off but I think a better sign of success is the scuttlebutt heard in the restroom after the show.  Congratulations on a show well done, the band is really gelling well and we can tell you guys enjoy what you are doing.  I look forward to next year as the girls in my group have decided to make it annual event. ~ Leasa

My wife, a niece and I saw you show this afternoon. My wife and I have seen all of your Christmas shows and always enjoy your performances.  You appeared in great voice and as normal put on a great show.  ~ Don

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your performance yesterday.  You, the band and choirs did an excellent job.  I liked the jailhouse rock outfit too.  It is good to see you expanding the performances to different styles and aspects of Elvis’s career. ~ Tammy

Thank you for a very pleasurable afternoon.  This was our 3rd Christmas with Elvis.  As before, the whole show was a great one.  Elvis could sing any song and any style.  George, you are SO CLOSE to him!  You bring back great memories of our younger years.  Our favorites are the gospel songs, however, there isn’t a song we don’t like!  Thanks to all who work so hard to make it such an enjoyable evening. ~ Jim & Stella

My name is Kathy and your performance was the best one yet!!  Looking forward to next year’s event!  Thanks again for such an incredible night.

Hi George, what a fantastic show you put on Sunday.  I took my parents and my sister and we were able to get seats in the second row and we just loved it more than ever!   Once again, you put on a great show and I know the entire crowd was as pleased as we were!  Good job George!  ~ Barb

Hi George.  I just wanted to thank you again for an awesome weekend.  I don’t mind telling you that your shows were somewhat emotional for me.  I don’t know why, but they were.  You are an amazing performer, and a lot more like Elvis than I think you even realize. ~ Randy

The show was incredible with an amazing number of talented musicians on stage! As a musician myself, I loved it and was singing along with almost every song. ~ Dick

Boy that was an excellent show! Probably the most well balanced, sound, how the stage was set up, choir, band, singers…. I really enjoyed how you designed the song arrangement. Very well done. ~ Jim

The Elvis Experience has been one of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile; the band is a real class act!  ~ Rory -Cheyenne Civic Center

I couldn’t have said it any better. This is a great group of talented people you have assembled, George. ~ Joe

I just wanted to let you know that my aunt Carol could not stop praising theCheyenneshow.  She was so complimentary of the show and she NEVER stopped smiling the whole time we waited in line so you would kiss her hand!!  She wasn’t a big Elvis fan in her youth, but she knew of him and did like some of his songs.  She kept commenting on how well you interacted with the audience and she said you had a fantastic band and singers behind you.  ~ Linda

I can probably speak for all of us when I say the evening was really a treat.  There was so much talent on that stage, so much enthusiasm and as I said that evening, Mr. Gray truly has a gift for developing a rapport with his audience, both young and old!  Friday night’s concert is an evening I will remember and I have a crummy memory! ~ Tamara

My daughters and Granddaughters loved the concert. It was so enjoyable! ~  Carol

I thought your show was awesome, you do a great job. I never dreamed I would have those seats, you look great and your show was the greatest ending to the best Thanksgiving I have had in a long time, and they can only get better from now on. I got the one and only red scarf and autographed too. I will never forget it, Thank you, Thank you. ~ Vonda

My mom and I loved your show on Sunday. That was our first time seeing you at UCCC. I hope you will get to do Christmas with the King again next year. Have a Wonderful Christmas!  ~ Terry

OMG! George, I was so amazed about your performance! You really have it nailed and I’m sooooo proud of you! I cried with the emotion in your voice and when you sang. ~ Beth

Went to your show at the Senior Center in Fort Collins in March. Really enjoyed it! Your Gospel Music was the best I have ever heard for a long time. Also your Elvis program was just the best ever. I’m looking forward to more of your shows. ~ Jim

Wonderful! My wife, daughter, and I loved your concert at the Fort  Collins Senior Center. You folks are absolutely the best! When will you be doing more shows in Fort Collins? Please put me on your email list!

Not many entertainers can emulate one of the greatest performers of all time. You are in the elite group. Thank you so much for the fantastic show. You have a wonderful gift and a glorious future! ~ Elaine

Had to write and tell you that my wife and I were visiting from out of town. Saw your show advertised and reluctantly bought tickets and was taken aback that 3rd balcony back row seats were all that was left. Not really expecting much, we were blown away! Your band was great and you did a superb job. I closed my eyes and felt Elvis was actually there! ~ Mark

BRAVO! That was the most fun we’ve had in a long time. You totally outdid yourself, George. Can’t wait till next year! ~ Vanessa

George, I can’t find the words to even start to tell you how I felt about your show. OMG! I actually cried watching you sing all those songs knowing, by the look on your face, you were really enjoying this! God Bless you and your band! ~ Heather

By far the best show I’ve seen in years. We do a lot of resorts and cruises and this how would be a big draw!  ~ Jackson

What a terrific show! I was really impressed with your backup singers and instruments. The HS kids did a great job too. I spent the rest of the weekend listening to Elvis gospel albums. You are inspiring and I hope an agent makes an offer. A few years ago I told you that you were as good as or better than any Elvis show in Vegas, as I had seen most of them. That is a definite once again!  ~ Anne

OH MY GOD! George, that show was awesome! You had me choked up from the beginning to the end. Your band was dead-on and the High School Choir was great! Loved the kids doing that dance skit while you sang Burning Love. I heard you are already booked again for next year at the UCCC? Can I buy tickets now?  ~ Carrie

We want to tell you how much we enjoyed the show. I could see and hear Elvis in every song. God Bless you, you are a special person that sure makes the world nicer. ~ Ruth and John

George, this is the second time I’ve seen your show. After reading some of the guestbook posts, I have to agree, you should be taking this show out on the road. Great job Friday night. You, your band, and the choir were all great together. ~ Deb

HEY it was a great show, you should be enormously proud! The turnout was amazing. From where I was sitting I couldn’t see if the balconies were full but I imagine they were. My dad (who isn’t easily impressed by much!) just kept RAVING throughout the entire show about how he thinks you sound and look better than the original! ~ Vicki

I have seen George Gray and the Elvis Experience several times, but the concert at the Rialto on Sat. was by far the best one! George you touched my heart when you got off the stage and talked to ‘Sam’ sitting in the front row. I’m so glad I ventured out inthe storm, it was a wonderful evening. God Bless George Gray and his awesome band. ~ Jan

Friends had extra tickets to the Rialto, Nov 10 2012, so we accepted the invited and had a very good time. The music was great and everyone in the group did an outstanding job. I appreciated the extra attention that George gave to a gentleman in the front row who so enjoyed the show. It was a very cold night but a good group of people came and shared this wonderful evening. Thanks to our friends, the Rialto, House of Neighborly Service and George for the wonderful entertainment. ~ Dee

My daughter and I saw your show last night at the Rialto in Loveland. I have seen several “Elvis” shows and must tell you that you and your band are one of the best. Great music, especially gospel, and lots of fun. Thank you for such an enjoyable evening! ~ Sue

Your 2011 UCCC concert DVD is excellent. It was easy to order, and I appreciate the quick delivery, too. George, you bring joy to many people. Thanks for all you do, you certainly make a difference! ~ Leslie

I wanted to tell you I just finished watching your video of the Christmas Show 2011. It was wonderful! So glad I got to see it finally. Thanks, George so much. ~ Peg

The show was a blast & you were HOT!!! I was hoping for the leather… guess I’ll have to wait for the Holiday show! Looking forward to that:) And I can’t wait to hear what’s new! ~ Tiffany

Someday I would like to see you in person, from the pictures it looks like it was a great show.  ~ Donna

George, Really enjoy your web site and love reading your blogs. I wasn’t a huge Elvis fan and was invited by a friend to see your holiday show in 2010. I was blown away! You and the band have it nailed. I’ve been to your 2011 show and already have tickets for the 2012 show. When are you going to come to California? ~ Terri

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peg stewart August 31, 2012 at 9:43 pm

I loved both your Arts Festival show and seeing you at the nursing home.
I am sorry I will miss the Windsor appearance but I will not be back in Greeley till next week. I am suffering it out in California for two weeks or so. Tough life,huh? I have tickets to the Christmas show and really look forward to that!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your video too. It is fantastic as well.


Sue Markham November 11, 2012 at 9:46 am

My daughter and I saw your show last night at the Rialto in Loveland. I have seen several “Elvis” shows and must tell you that you and your band are one of the best. Great music, especially gospel, and lots of fun. Thank you for such an enjoyable evening!


George November 12, 2012 at 10:04 am

Sue, we had a blast performing and I personally want to Thank You for supporting House of Neighborly Services for those struggling families in the Loveland area!

Don’t forget to join us in Greeley on Nov 24th for our huge holiday show. Check out our upcoming shows on our “Shows” page.


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