George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band to visit Baltimore

by George on April 28, 2015

Peace and Understanding is George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band’s Message

Elvis Through the Years George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band

On May 9th George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band will perform, “Elvis Through the Years”, a benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association at the Hippodrome in Baltimore, MD, their first venture to the East Coast.  This concert will also highlight a local favorite band, Spilled Milk and Honey.

Baltimore is a beautiful city with great historical landmarks and rich in our country’s early beginning.  It’s also known as the City of Monuments and more importantly the birthplace of the poem that inspired the lyrics for our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner.  The revitalization of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has attracted some of the best in restaurants and tourist outing opportunities.

Like so many places in our country and around the world, Baltimore deals with social and economical challenges.  These challenges are not something new and many have dedicated their lives to resolving them.  Many Elvis fans know that he was raised in extreme poor conditions and lived in a housing project in Memphis.  He knew what it was like to struggle and to feel discrimination.  It was these life experiences that allowed him to perform sensitive music that he could relate too.  Elvis recorded two songs, “In the Ghetto” and “If I Can Dream”, which dealt directly to the current social issues in the late sixties.  50 plus years later, those songs still have meaning.

George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band has dedicated this concert to the memory of Elvis and to the words of’ his song, “If I Can Dream”.  The song was released as the finale of his ’68 Comeback Special and there’s no better time than now for the words and message of that song to be heard.  It’s a message of hope, of peace, of understanding, of the idea of living together.

George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band needs your help!  If you know of people in the Baltimore area, if you have media contacts, churches, senior related businesses, social or fans clubs that would benefit from this amazing concert with an equally amazing message, please contact them and tell them about this performance.  Tickets and information can be found here, Ticket Master.

If you also have any ideas about promoting this concert, please go to our CONTACT page.  We’d love to hear from you!

George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band is looking for other venues and opportunities to perform and they would love to hear from you on suggestions you think they should pursue.  Please feel free to contact us on our “Contact” page or leave a comment on our Guest Book page if you’d like to help!

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