George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band Plan East Coast Visit!

by George on February 4, 2015

Baltimore Extends Invitation to George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band


2014 was a big year for George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band and it looks as though 2015 will continue the trend.  National promoter, Richard Siegelman, is excited to announce that George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band will be performing at the historic Hippodrome, May 9th in Baltimore, MD.  This is an amazing opportunity and the band has been setting their sights on performing at other new venues over the last few years.


With a successful Gospel concert last September, George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band is looking at recording a gospel CD with a hopeful CD launch concert sometime in the Spring.  The singers have been meeting and going over selected songs that they feel will be good for the CD but this is proving to be somewhat difficult because the number of songs they love is way more than the 12 song limit for the CD.  Getting the rights to record the songs might be the deciding factor.  Plans are to record the CD at a professional studio in Colorado and do it in 2 days.  That means the band and singers must make sure that they are studio-ready on all songs to keep recording times down.


The “Elvis Through the Years” concert last November debuted a new jumpsuit for George.  Known as the “Powder Blue” or the “Blue Nail” jumpsuit, Elvis first wore it in a concert in Buffalo, New York on April 5th 1972.  This suit offers amazing quality and the material has to be sent out to get dyed the special blue color.  The suit is tailor-made to match George’s measurements and the process takes at least 3 months from start to finish.  This suit came in 4 days before the concert, which was cutting it real close!


George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band is looking for other venues and opportunities to perform and they would love to hear from you on suggestions you think they should pursue.  Please feel free to contact us on our “Contact” page or leave a comment on our Guest Book page if you’d like to help!


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