Biggest concert of 2014 offers biggest hits for George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band

by George on October 21, 2014

George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band and the 7th Annual,”Elvis Through the Years!

Elvis Through the Years

As they look back at 2014, George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band has played before some huge audiences and fulfilled a dream by performing their first Gospel concert.  Everyone knows that Elvis loved singing Gospel music, the music that had the biggest influence on him as a child and later in life.

Through the years, George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band had been moving closer and closer to doing a Gospel only show and was working on partnering with a local church.  Circumstances with scheduling caused the project to be canceled until the band decided to do it themselves. What happened on Sept 28th, 2014 has become known as “one of the most moving concerts” they’ve ever performed.  Now the band is working with a promoter and a Gospel CD is planned.  Stay tuned for a release concert sometime in May 2015.  Check out the pictures from the Gospel Concert on the “Photos” page.

This year’s, “Elvis Through the Years”, concert at the Union Colony Civic Center on Friday November 21st, marks the 7th year George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band has performed there.  Their first 5 concerts were titled, “Christmas with the King”, which included Christmas, Gospel, and Rock hits.  You’ll still hear the same types of songs but now you’ll be taken on the journey of Elvis’s hits starting with the early days through the late 70’s hits.  With a series of wardrobe changes and a whole new dance group, this concert will get packed with Elvis fans!  This is one of the centers biggest audiences and tickets get slim as you get closer to the concert.  Click here for ticket and concert info, “Elvis Through the Years!”

George recently visited Graceland in Memphis, TN and walked away with a greater insight and appreciation for Elvis.  People say that Graceland isn’t as big as many think it is and it doesn’t live up to what you’d expect Elvis would call home but the house size doesn’t make the man Elvis was.  George will tell you the home has a true sense of love.  Each room has a special intimate feel and each room had its’ own purpose which usually revolved around a love for family, friends, and guests.  Check out George’s Graceland pictures on the “Photos” page.  For more info on visiting Graceland, click here, “Graceland”.

George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band is looking for other venues and opportunities to perform and they would love to hear from you on suggestions you think they should pursue.  Please feel free to contact us on our Contact page or leave a comment on our Guest Book page if you’d like to help!

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